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Introducing WP Scraper

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WP Scraper: Wordpress Plugin Scrapes Full RSS Articles

Like plucking a sweet, succulent worm from a slippery hole-in-the-ground, WP Scraper uses its big ol' beak to skillfully extract highly-targeted, keyword-rich articles straight from article sites around the web and drip feeds articles daily, right onto your blog.

That means, you can go on vacation, full-time, letting WP Scraper automatically post targeted content onto your blog directly from sources like ezinearticles where top authors submit tens of thousands of quality articles, year-round.

There are 1000's of sources online you can scrape with WP Scraper.

Automatically find and post articles from hundreds of Article directories

Schedule posts to multiple categories

User-defined date range feature

Full Cron support

Unlimited post capabilities - No limits!

Posts-Per-Day feature

Keyword Filtering features

Content spinning for more unique content

Not Just Any 'Ol RSS Feed Agregator

One of the main problems with 99% of RSS Feed grabbers available on the web today is that they are under the restrictions of settings applied by the RSS Syndication source. Many News feeds for example restrict you to grabbing only a small blurb from their feeds to display on your site.

With WP Scraper you have a simple and effective way to pull the FULL article and bypass the feed settings.

This means a 2 or 3 sentence lead-in to an article becomes a 500-1500 word article that can be posted as a separate blog post on your blog!

Check Out These Great Features

Scrape full articles from any RSS Feed

Schedule posts to multiple blog categories

User-defined date range feature

Full Cron support

Unlimited post capabilities - No limits!

Posts-Per-Day feature

Keyword Filtering features

Content spinning for more unique content

WP Scraper's Incredible Benefits

Instantly build quality blogs that bring value to your readers. This is why WP Scraper blogs actually get web traffic unlike so many auto-blog solutions out there!

Its no longer necessary to waste energy on time-consuming keyword research. Setup WP Scraper to target your niche and let 1000's of authors around the globe do the difficult work, for you!

Post content provided directly by top SEO experts from around the World. These authors have already done the heavy SEO lifting FOR you allowing you to reap the rewards with virtually no effort!

Appear more productive and reliable to your readers. With the ability to post any number of articles to your blogs, daily, your reader base will appreciate relevant articles posted daily. Even if you go away on vacation, your blog still gets updated like clockwork!

Get more Search Enging listings from popular Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others by posting fresh content, daily. More listings means a greater chance of #1 rankings in the Search Engines and definitely an increase in site traffic.

Very simple to organize your keyword posting strategies by posting one keyword group to a single category.

Supplement your income and earn money with an increase in site traffic.

Stop paying for over-priced PPC traffic! Its no fun feeling trapped into paying for clicks. Save on advertising costs by generating your OWN organic Search Engine results that DON'T go away the moment you stop paying for them. With WP Scraper you can generate REAL top rankings that you NEVER have to pay for!

Most of us have a few web domains sitting around collecting dust.

With WP Scraper you can build a keyword targeted blog in minutes that will appear active and productive and generate real traffic, real sign-ups and real conversions.

With very little effort, your blogs can earn regular profits. Rather than letting your domains remain a constant expense with nothing to show for it, let your domains pay for themselves and even earn you a profit!

In fact, some of our customers use WP Scraper exclusively to Start a Domain Flipping business!

WP Scraper takes about 2-minutes to install and about 5-minutes to setup so you can begin enjoying the benefits immediately.

Installing WP Scraper

Installation couldn't be easier...

Simply upload a single folder to your blog...

Enable the plugin in your site's plugin manager.

You're Done!


WP Scraper provides a very simple and straight forward setup procedure that can generally be completed in a matter of a few minutes with little effort.

When you open your Admin Panel located within the Wordpress Admin Settings area of your blog, you'll find many powerful features packed into a slim, easy-to-manage console.

Posts Category - Choose categories where you wish to post articles and scraped content.

Posts Date - Pick a Date Range for your articles to be dripped out to your blog.

Posts Total - Chose the maximum number of articles you'd like to be posted daily to your blog.

Posts Per Day - Don't look like a robot. Choose a range (ie., post 1-3 new articles per day).

RSS URL - Pull articles from multiple article directories.

Post Title Template - Use the original titles provided from the article or Spin a unique title.

Post Description: PREFIX - Spin original content at the beginning of your posts.

Post Description: SUFFIX - Spin original content at the end of your posts.

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Bendan Wenzel - Happy Eatworm Customer
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Eatworm's Wordpress plugins are some of the most useful plugins we've found, anywhere! Keep up the amazing job. — Trudy Johansen, Birmingham, UK