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Introducing Eatworm Software

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CPA Ad Software

AdSlicer -- Click and Drag Content

The CPA marketer's best friend, AdSlicer allows you to easily create incentivized offers. Simply click and drag your mouse around any form to create tidy iframes in seconds to be used in any web page or pop-up window. Create unlimited projects, use the built-in Ad-Rotator, Spit Test your offers and more.

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Popup Stuffer -- Next Generation Pop-ups

Get Ready for something new and exciting... Don't just pop stuff up over your site... Pop stuff up over your competitors' sites or any site you want, anytime you want. Enjoy powerful affiliate link cloaking features, slide-ups, pop-ups, referrer washing, full statistics & more...

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next generation popup delivery software
wordpress plugin - affiliate site builder

EZ Empire Builder -- Wordpress Plugin

EZ Empire Builder Makes it Easy For the Average Person to Take Any Database And Quickly Turn it into a High Quality, Money Making Web Site. Import any database right into wordpress and use the database fields as content in your site with user-friendly, drag and drop template creation. Build large affiliate sites, drop ship sites, local business directories, review sites and more.

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Wordpress Cloaker -- IP Cloaking Plugin

You're about to discover the most powerful IP cloaking software available anywhere online. Our content plugins will attract targeted Google traffic. Next, our cloaker will invisibly redirect your visitors to any landing page, squeeze page or, even affiliate and CPA offers. We'll even teach you how to use Wordpress Cloaker to increase your PPC Quality Score for a better ROI on your Google Adsense campaigns.

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Wordpress IP Cloaking Plugin
Best Proxy Leecher Software

Proxy Storm -- Powerful Proxy Leecher

Imagine how simple life could be if every 30 minutes you could have hundreds of totally fresh, verified, working proxies automatically...saved to a file on your computer, uploaded to your server or, even emailed right to your inbox! Plus, enjoy seamless integration with your favorite tools like SENukeX, Sick Submitter, Scrape Box and Scrape Board.

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WP Scraper -- Wordpress Article Scraper

You're about to unlock the ability to grab full, highly optimized articles from sources around the web that are otherwise limited with standard RSS content grabbers. With WP Scraper you can scrape full articles from any RSS Feed or blog including ezinearticles databases, isnare, etc and post this content to your blogs. WP Scraper is full of valuable, powerful features.

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Wordpress Article Scraper Plugin
Wordpress plugin - spin reviews and comments into your posts automatically

Review Spinner -- Comment Spinner Plugin

Review Spinner is a Wordpress Plugin that allows you to automatically spin comments and reviews to a Wordpress blog. Create unlimited 5-star, jquery rating categories. Run in 'Review mode' or 'Comment mode'. Female and male users and user avatars created automatically. Use WP Theme's default avatars or upload your own photos. Decide number of reviews/comments per page. Reviews can be dripped out over time. Auto review star ratings (1-5 stars) can be % weighted for natural results.

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Bendan Wenzel - Happy Eatworm Customer
"Thank you for the great work on EZ Empire Builder and Yellabot. I've used these to create a review site for marketing companies that gets 150+ uniques a day with literally no work after the initial setup. It also has 32k+ indexed pages in Google!" — Brendan Wenzel,
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Eatworm's Wordpress plugins are some of the most useful plugins we've found, anywhere! Keep up the amazing job. — Trudy Johansen, Birmingham, UK